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Experienced professional mediator

Give us a call to schedule your mediation today! We are a team very experienced with mediation from federal court cases to state court cases to complex intellectual property mediations. We'll sit down with you to learn all the details of your situation before we get started and will work hard for the best possible outcome.

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Full Day

$1,850.00* per party (Federal Court case)

$1,550.00* per party (State Court case)


Half Day

$950.00 per party (Federal Court case)

$850.00 per party (State Court case)


*Full day mediations with 10 parties or more may have the fee reduced.

Mediation fee schedule

We also help with intellectual property mediations with a $10,000 per day split between the plaintiffs and defendants along with other expenses. Protect the work you've created by working with attorneys that have extensive experience in intellectual property.

Intellectual property mediations

Experience is key to a good mediator. Mr. Akin has decades of mediation experience with all types of cases.  This, along with his vast trial experience, makes him the mediator for your case.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your mediation needs today!